We pioneered the Virtual Delivery Model in 2005 with a dedicated core team of specialists and a globally distributed team of permanent employees, freelancers, and partner organizations.

Our teams have consistently integrated diverse skills and specializations from around the globe to provide specialized services in online marketing, website development, accounting, engineering design, and administrative functions for our predominantly US and UK-based clients.

In line with our strategy to deliver specialized services to customers based on a deep understanding of their business domain, we decided to sharply focus on services for eCommerce businesses from 2008.

Over the years, Inteleants has developed subject matter expertise across diverse business processes in eCommerce by executing projects in digital marketing, demand forecasting & optimization, warehouse management systems (WMS), freight analytics & optimization, business intelligence (BI) reporting & analytics and decision support systems.

Since 2017, InteleANTS operates as the dedicated back-office for OJCommerce.

The name InteleANTS is inspired from our work icon – the ANT. We are a team of intelligent, versatile, innovative & hard-working professionals digitally enabled to deliver services to clients anywhere in the world. Be it rain or shine, the ants go about gathering food with the same determination. Despite no supervision, they go about their job with little or no confusion. There is an unspoken trust amongst the species that gets them to co-exist happily in any condition.

At InteleANTS, we have adopted that celebrated TRUST as our core value.

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