Supporting small businesses is our mission. We take pride in being the 'Enablers of outsourcing for small businesses'. Leveraging on our diverse functional expertise, we offer services to support in every functional area of business. Engaging with InteleANTS allows you to focus on your core business activities & achieve business goals.
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We deliver general support services for small businesses from clerical support & secretarial support to specialized tasks like designing customized business forms, internet research, recruitment & accounting. We have experienced transcribers to convert audio to text transcripts & professional translators skilled in European and Asian languages & a data-entry team with an eye for detail & perfection for your data conversions.


We help Sales & Marketing functions with sales reporting service to log, track & report sales with both ongoing and need-based analysis; Professional Graphic Design service for web as well as print media & Web PR service to help you deal with your web presence & manage online reputation. We offer web based Customer Support to help you deal with customer queries via email, forum, wiki and online chat to improve customer experience & build long-standing relationship with your customers. 


We support internet retailers with a range of services specifically developed to help ecommerce businesses sell online profitably - setting up, managing, & monitoring listings on Amazon & eBay, selection & listing on comparison shopping, organising & maintaining the product database, optimizing & managing data feeds for integration with third pary services such as Shopping Comparison, Site Search, and Performance Marketing. We also do SEO, SEM, Email Marketing & Affiliate Marketing.


Analysing data & discovering the secrets that lay buried, building sophisticated business plans & decision support systems, creating executive information systems & dashboards and developing spreadsheet solutions for a wide range of applications are all that we cover under Business Analytics, Modeling & Excel Programming services. We also support with Website Analytics to help improve website marketing & traffic generation initiatives.


Experienced Internet Marketing professionals efficiently support your internet marketing initiatives.  We cater to website optimization needs of small businesses right from SEO review & competition analysis to developing SEO friendly website architecture, content strategy & link building. With Search Engine Marketing packages, we handle PPC campaigns completely & sync it with your marketing goals & deliver high ROI. We also work as your Affiliate Marketing Manager, managing your affiliates in any network.


Your website is an important internet marketing tool that helps expand your business but requires time, effort & expert resources to design, develop and to update & keep it aligned to your current requirements. InteleANTS has the experience & expertise you need to architect the website structure, create website designs, programming the website features, integrate the website with 3rd party services, create website content, web hosting & website administration.


Leveraging on our diverse functional expertise, we offer small business clients a wide range of services to support every aspect of their business. From general administration to sophisticated data analysis & financial models, from simple sales & marketing support to advanced internet marketing support, comprehensive website management services including specialized ecommerce support services. We take up one-off projects as well as ongoing, long term engagements; assignments from a few hours to several man-years of effort. No client or project is too small for us!

Virtual Support Services for Small Businesses

Isn't everyone talking about going virtual? Why stay behind? Partner with us and in return get an entire global workforce, specialized in diverse competencies to join your team without actually having to even meet them. Virtual engagement was not a new concept even when we began in 2005. But our key differentiation was, and still is, our mission to be champion for small businesses. Though we have the wherewithal and do engage from time-to-time with clients of all sizes and ages, our focus is on small businesses.

InteleANTS creates a win-win solution for small businesses with:

  • A skilled team with experience in diverse functional areas & industries led by a managerial team with expert knowledge and experience in serving small businesses for over 20 years
  • Sound background knowledge of businesses in the US, Canada, UK and Australia
  • Well evolved processes for every activity, continuously improved on for efficiency
  • Systems to handle multiple projects for clients all over the world
  • Long-term focus
  • Commitment to quality, cost and time

Who Can Engage with InteleANTS?
Any business or individual can use our services. However, given our focus on small businesses, our organizational structure, and how we work our services are more appealing to:

  • Small businesses looking to out-source projects that demand dedicated time and resources or have certain daily routine operations that it intends not to invest its own time on
  • A start-up that is in need of a ready-made employee base as a make-shift or a long term solution
  • A specialist looking for assistance with everything else other than her/his core competence.

Our Areas Of Competence:
The almost limitless access to a high-skill talent pool across geographies and specializations, gives InteleANTS an edge over any outsourcing partner in terms of expertise.  Our services span many corporate functions and we have categorized the popular services in our services portfolio. However, even if your business requirement does not fit into any of the services that we have listed in our service offerings, please do fill in the 'Request for Information' form. We may just be the right people for you. Often, we are!

How Does It Work?
Send us a brief of your requirements via the 'Request for Quote' form and allow us 1-2 business days to respond. Usually, you will get a response within 24 hours from our expert colleagues with an estimate or with follow-up questions. We will call you if necessary and when we have all the information we need, we provide a firm quote or a proposal for your approval. Post-approval, we begin work and deliver as committed. And yes, it is as simple as it sounds.

Come, partner with InteleANTS.

The client wanted to reduce shipping costs by optimizing the sizes of boxes in which the articles are packed and shipped. The analysis of packing slips for 6 months data was done in conjunction with the zone-wise shipping patterns. The distribution pattern was simulated for various configurations and the packing efficiencies evaluated. On completion of the analysis, Inteleants provided an optimum box sizes for packing to minimize on shipping costs and also inventory of packing materials.
A new start-up business selling specialized sports equipment & fitness training products required custom forms to be created for online transactions like booking order, checklist for packing, shipping and invoicing. We designed 12 business forms to cater to the specific requirements of the client. All forms were designed to maintain consistency and fillable forms were designed in PDF formats and forms in Word were created, in order to automate the data transfer to a database on a later date.
Inteleants developed an interface in VBA for different formulations in the Excel spreadsheet. The client wanted an application to help people cross hurdles while getting a job and this required an excel-based tracker application. The following were to be included in the tracker: head-count of jobseekers along with required calculations and graph. The VBA data entry module provided access to the reports, charts and statistics sheets. Formulations were incorporated to calculate and record date, text manipulation, conditional sum and statistics. We designed the tracker system to generate the chart using VBA with data from the data-table and regenerate the Excel sheet by the VBA code on account of data updations.

We developed a work flow system where PDF forms are filled and securely submitted and routed for approval based on rules. For example, if a staff from Sales Department submits an expense bill, the bill is routed to Sales Manager for approval first and then to the VP of Sales (based on expense limits). The system will submit PDF form to database and then processes it based on rules.We have implemented such PDF form workflow systems for several clients. This is a unique application for creating forms in PDF from database. This application can be web-enabled as well as installed on local networks. This application even handles the task of making a PDF form fillable, if the form is not very complicated.

Client is an online retailer of medical supplies, sports equipments, baby gear and furniture & home décor items. Beside their parent website, they have stand-alone websites for medical supplies, sports supplies, and furniture & home décor products. They have a huge selection of sports goods, sports equipments, home medical supplies, medical equipments, mobility equipments, home & office furniture and various other home décor products. They offer almost all the major brands at competitive prices.

A business consultant wanted to enhance her online reputation. We studied all search results for the client's name online and also compared them with other consultants in the same location doing similar work. We developed a system to monitor all mentions of the client online and also help her to gain higher visibility through search engines.

The client is an affiliate marketing company selling financial products. We developed a unique SEO strategy after extensive analysis of the competition and implemented the plan successfully. We built the website from scratch - keyword research, content development, selection of content management software, link building, directory submissions, etc. Inteleants continues to develop keyword rich content for the website and also manage the link building. was also undertaken.
Inteleants provided customer support for a web hosting company through email support. We handle both technical and non-technical queries posted by customers. All the tickets opened by customers are reviewed by an agent and responded to within 12-24 hours. Where specialist intervention is required the ticket is routed to an appropriate person and in 98% of the cases, they are sorted out within 24 hours.

Translation of an interview from French to English. We were provided an audio recording of around 40 minutes & were required to deliver a French transcript as well as its English translation. The translated interview was edited to make it gramatically correct, with care taken to keep it meaningful and true to the original French version.

Research was required to acquire sources relating to hot career opportunities for the next 5 to 10 years and on student finance topics such as budgeting, financial aid, college jobs, etc, for a target audience consisting of American college students. We did a through research on job boards and interviewed recruiters to get a clearer picture on the subject. After the background research, many online and offline sources were identified, evaluated and compiled.
The client wanted to develop a profile of Sales Training Market and Human Resource Training Markets dealing specifically with Multi-generational or Intergenerational communication training. We did a thorough online research and compiled list of top companies providing sales training and human resource training along with the details such as training mode, length of courses offered, CEUs offered, core offerings and standard pricing for each training company.
We were required to combine data from various worksheets, populate and update pre-built charts automatically in an Excel spreadsheet. This required highly complex data-manipulations and consolidations, as the structure of each spreadsheet was different. The complexity was high as numbers were stored in text format and each spreadsheet had around 40,000 records. Text manipulation techniques of Excel were used to maintain consistency across all spreadsheets and consolidate data certain formulations. Inteleants designed Pivot Tables and Charts to extract and represent consolidated data.
The client ships products to all states in the US and Canada. They use USPS and two other leading freight companies. They wanted to review the shipping pattern and develop a model to predict freight costs. The model was used to evaluate the impact on overall cost for several parameters. The optimization model helped us develop a best case scenario to negotiate freight contracts with shipping companies.
Website was developed using ASP and .Net for an online retailer dealing with nutrition supplements. The web designers of Inteleants redeveloped and redesigned the website and migrated the catalogs and customer data in Access database onto the new system-SQL server. As the business transactions were numerous, we built-in a comprehensive system to manage multi-country issues like currency, phone number, post codes etc. A number of Euro-related issues were also solved by the system developed by Inteleants.

It is an of professional child photographers. It provides platform to talented and creative professional child photographers to share their work, learn, exchange ideas, connect and grow. The association promotes its members and connects parents looking for professional child photographers or newborn photographers by providing information through their online directory, articles and portfolios.

Client is a manufacturer, importer and online retailer of party supplies and decorations. They supply party goods, party decorations and party favors to various supermarkets, party supply stores and variety stores. They offer a huge selection of good quality party supplies close to wholesale rates. Their plastic plates, cups & tableware, plastic table covers, streamers, balloons, honeycomb balls & other party decorations are available in wide range of colors and patterns which can be used for any special or theme occasions and parties.

The client is a retailer of fresh fruits and vegetables catering to the Greater New York area. They have a physical store in Brooklyn and also sell online. Apart from fresh fruits and vegetables they sell a collection of fruit baskets & platters, vegetable plates, fish plates, cheese plates and cookie trays. They source the best quality fruits from around the world and their organic fruit baskets, kosher fruit platters, cookie trays and chocolate dipped fruits are great gifts to send or receive.  

The Client had two phone call recordings in WAV format. There were many low volume areas, whispering, static and multiple voices. We had done an accurate audio transcription of the phone call recordings and delivered them to the client very quickly. Our transcription services team had done multiple checks to eliminate any errors.

The client was the HR and Administration department of a small business. The department had an office manager and an assistant. The requirement was to eliminate paper and launch a filing/paper management system to ensure a proper networking of activities within the office. Inteleants created a computerized cum manual system using Excel/VBA application. The manual system ensured systematic storage and numbering of files for easy reference in future. The storage and reference details were printed, which was later fed into systems, and MS Outlook was used by the executives to receive and view details and reminders.

Setting up & managing the Pay-per-click campaigns in Google, Yahoo & Adcenter for a top US baby products etailer. The ad spend ranged from $1200 to $2000 per day depending on season & promotions.

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