Websites require regular updates to content, images, products, promotions & to the software applications. We serve as your webmaster in maintaining & updating your website, bug fixing & enhancements, site performance monitoring & tweaking and periodic backing up the programs & database. We provide ongoing website administration support on a monthly package or on hourly basis.

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Website Administration & Maintenance Services

Your business is continuously evolving and you need to make changes to your website all the time - content, images & pictures, news & press releases, new jobs openings, changes to promotions & offers and new products & services. As a small business, you may not have the resources to do full justice to what your website requires; often it is not justified to hire a full or even part-time resource to be your webmaster.

Changes to content & your website overall is welcome by your website users as well as search engines. InteleANTS helps you with website maintenance services and offers to be your webmaster. We can take care of all the functions of your website administration & maintenance:

  • Updates to content, create new pages or edit existing pages, add or change images & banners, change the promotions
  • Optimize web pages and graphics for speed & performance
  • Bug fixing, tweaking and enhancements for site facelift
  • Traffic analysis & site performance monitoring
  • Upgrading site software, patches and plug-ins
  • Setting up & integrating third party services like Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, Affiliate tracking systems
  • Administer your email service/webmail
  • Monthly, weekly or daily backups depending on your requirement to ensure data security & business continuity

Website maintenance is provided on pay-as-you-go basis as well as monthly packages for the number of hours you needed with assured service levels and response times.

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Website Administration and Maintenance

The client provides IT services for small businesses and wanted a website to market the services better and also to provide a user interface for their clients to report issues and track. We designed and built a SEO friendly website, developed the content and integrated the third party IT Management software the client purchased with the website. We now maintain the website providing both technical support and content management services.

We designed, developed and maintain the website for a Master Coach. The website has a membership area for clients to log in and access the Coach's training & reference materials - text, audio and video. The website is built on a CMS so that the Coach can update the content as well as events & calendar.

A PHP script was created for generating CSV and ASCII files containing the details of all the orders and customers for the client's products obtained through his website. The client is able to download these files hosted on a website.

We designed, developed and maintain the website for a business consultant. The website has been developed with WordPress.

We are maintaining a website which is a database of information on photographers in USA and other countries. It has an integrated Wordpress blog, PHPBB forum etc. We have been constantly working on the design & features of the website based on requests and issues reported by the clients. We had successfully integrated a module for image competition between the various photographers who are paid members of the website.

The client had a newly published website. The website had 15 pages each in English and German. We handled the administration of the website, maintenance, optimization and security of the website. Periodic monitoring of the website was done to ensure that the website functioned as desired by the client.

We designed and developed the website for a wholesale office products merchant who wanted to sell directly to consumers. The site was developed in Magento Commerce and hosted on a Virtual Dedicated Server. We also have integrated Magento Commerce with Amazon so that the merchant can sell on Amazon and manage it through a single interface in Magento.

Designed, developed and maintainenance of three websites for a software products company. The websites were developed in Joomlaand integrated with WordPress for blogging and PHPBB for a support forum. We maintain the websites & provide ongoing support for the upkeep of the website & mail server, the database and also take care of enhancements and upgrades.

We handle administration and maintenance of a website owned by a freelance content editor. In addition to assisting in website maintenance, we also designed and developed the website using PHP.

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