We provide website development services for small businesses to create static websites, dynamic websites on CMS (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress), eCommerce sites on opensource (Magento, OSCommerce), memberships websites, WordPress Blogs & PHPBB Forums. We help integrate third party services like Google Analytics, Affiliate tracking, Site search, RSS, Social networks.

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Website Development Services

Our Website Development Services cover all the scripting and programming requirements for the functioning of your website. We handle development of simple static website to showcase your businesses, as well as dynamic database-driven websites using a Content Management System. We have a simple, homegrown CMS that may be customized to your needs or we use standard CMS applications like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress.

We create, maintain and support eCommerce systems for selling goods and services online using open-source solutions like Magento Commerce, OSCommerce, Shopify as well commercial solutions like Volusion, Optimum Return with all the features required for ecommerce sites:

  • Catalog Management with multiple levels of categories
  • Storefront with robust search
  • Order Management to view & edit orders, payment information & shipping details and enter phone orders
  • Customer service & self service portal for customers
  • Checkout - one page checkout, guest checkout, saved shopping carts, gift messages, tax & shipping cost calculator
  • Shipping - customization to allow flat rate shipping per order or item or table rates for weight & destination
  • Promotions - flexible coupons, promotions, free shipping, bundling of products, quantity discounts
  • Up-sell & Cross-sell options
  • Payment gateway integration - credit card gateways, PayPal, Authorize.net, Google Checkout
  • Integration with Google Product Search and other such services

We are proud to have associated with some leading internet retailers for website development services:

We also help in creating websites with protected content that is offered exclusively to registered members. We use open source solutions like Elgg, Pligg or commercial solutions like Membergate and Amember in creating membership websites. 

We also create blog sites, forum sites including customizing blog templates & forum templates. We use open source blog solutions such as WordPress & PHPBB. We have integrated WordPress blogsites & PHPBB forum for several clients and are provided with single sign-on. 

We have developed mobile versions of websites as well as accessible websites complyiing with accessibility standards of W3C.

We have developed solutions for forms to PDF integration to enable users to fill a form on the website and to have either the response or a processed form of the response to be emailed as a PDF. These forms are useful for online tests and surveys.

We also integrate and support all basic website features/services required for a website such as Analytics (Google Analytics), customized forms, newsletter sign-ups with auto responders, RSS feeds and a wide range of third party services that you may want for your website.

We also provide website administration & maintenance services and maintain websites for many of our clients - ecommerce sites, blog sites, membership sites & forums in addition to website development services.

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Website Development Services
We handled the web design and development for a private detective agency. We developed an SEO friendly website conforming to W3C standards.

We designed and developed the website for a wholesale office products merchant who wanted to sell directly to consumers. The site was developed in Magento Commerce and hosted on a Virtual Dedicated Server. We also have integrated Magento Commerce with Amazon so that the merchant can sell on Amazon and manage it through a single interface in Magento.

Client's requirement was to test an online resume builder used to create and edit a CV in PDF or Word format. The application developed by another company was to be tested using several browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems with various browsers. This was followed with a feedback on product functionality, and we worked to eliminate problems faced by providing suggestions for new features and improved navigation which were highle appreciated by the client.

The client provides IT services for small businesses and wanted a website to market the services better and also to provide a user interface for their clients to report issues and track. We designed and built a SEO friendly website, developed the content and integrated the third party IT Management software the client purchased with the website. We now maintain the website providing both technical support and content management services.

Website was developed using ASP and .Net for an online retailer dealing with nutrition supplements. The web designers of Inteleants redeveloped and redesigned the website and migrated the catalogs and customer data in Access database onto the new system-SQL server. As the business transactions were numerous, we built-in a comprehensive system to manage multi-country issues like currency, phone number, post codes etc. A number of Euro-related issues were also solved by the system developed by Inteleants. The client was very happy with our website development services

The client, a business coaching company, wanted to develop a template-driven website to provide easy accessibility to its members. A system was developed with in PHP in the server end, HTML for the front end and MySQL as the database. This template-driven website had a member login area, with access to subscribed resources. Provisions were made for each member to have a virtual website, wherein editing and updating of relevant documents was made possible. A high degree of flexibility was incorporated into the system for the process of sharing information by each member with other members & the public.

We designed, developed and maintain the website for a business consultant. The website has been developed with WordPress.

Designed, developed and maintainenance of three websites for a software products company. The websites were developed in Joomlaand integrated with WordPress for blogging and PHPBB for a support forum. We maintain the websites & provide ongoing support for the upkeep of the website & mail server, the database and also take care of enhancements and upgrades.

We designed, developed and maintain the website for a Master Coach. The website has a membership area for clients to log in and access the Coach's training & reference materials - text, audio and video. The website is built on a CMS so that the Coach can update the content as well as events & calendar.

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