Your website is the most important marketing collateral and the hub of your online marketing initiatives. InteleANTS helps you with all the services and support required for website management from website design, website development, integration of your website with third party services, web hosting, maintenance, backup & security and website administration.

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Website Management Services

At InteleANTS, we offer the full range website management services to help you design, develop, maintain and host your website efficiently:

Web Development & Integration Services
We develop websites and backend services for your websites so that you don’t have to worry about time consuming scripting and programming to build and maintain your website. We deploy standard CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla for simple websites and also have experience with Magento & OSCommerce for ecommerce sites. We also create membership websites with protected content that can be accessed only by registered members as well as build customized sites on PHPBB and WordPress. We also assist in integrating customized forms, RSS feeds and many other third party services for your website. InteleANTS specializes in open source technologies with PHP for server side scripting but can also help with ASP & Java.

Website Design
Our team of competent designers not only focus on layout and appeal but are well aware of website development, hosting and optimization related issues, so they work in tandem with our SEO team and webmasters. We design websites that carry all the pomp and show you desire, and yet do not compromise on usability features and search engine guidelines compliance. We ensure that our designs merge well with your color schemes and the website loads quickly. Depending on your requirement, we can design blogs, forums, ecommerce websites and common static websites.

Website Maintenance & Website Support Services
InteleANTS can be your webmaster, simplifying tedious tasks such as fixing bugs, monitoring performance, software upgrades, creating backups, administering email service and enhancing site’s speed, to name a few. We also setup third party integration for services such as Affiliate tracking, Webmaster tools and Google Analytics.  You can rely on us for all kinds of tweaking & upgrades that every website requires from time-to-time.

Website Hosting
We maintain websites for many clients and have a good understanding of the most popular hosting services and serve clients across the world for dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting and more. We offer hosting services from Quality Host and Dream Host for our clients, but we can recommend a host based on your requirements, location and budget. Our span of hosting services also cover issues related to host migration, so that you migrate your hosting with minimal or no interruption in service.

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Client's requirement was to test an online resume builder used to create and edit a CV in PDF or Word format. The application developed by another company was to be tested using several browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems with various browsers. This was followed with a feedback on product functionality, and we worked to eliminate problems faced by providing suggestions for new features and improved navigation which were highle appreciated by the client.

We are maintaining a website which is a database of information on photographers in USA and other countries. It has an integrated Wordpress blog, PHPBB forum etc. We have been constantly working on the design & features of the website based on requests and issues reported by the clients. We had successfully integrated a module for image competition between the various photographers who are paid members of the website.

The website had a huge database of professional photographers based in USA. The website had to take a very heavy load due to the usage of a large number of subscribed members. The wbesite also had an integrated forum, wordpress blog & an image competition module. The site had a lot of content & images. We recommended a highly effective and efficient hosting plan for the smooth functioning of the website.

The client provides IT services for small businesses and wanted a website to market the services better and also to provide a user interface for their clients to report issues and track. We designed and built a SEO friendly website, developed the content and integrated the third party IT Management software the client purchased with the website. We now maintain the website providing both technical support and content management services.

We designed and developed the website for a wholesale office products merchant who wanted to sell directly to consumers. The site was developed in Magento Commerce and hosted on a Virtual Dedicated Server. We also have integrated Magento Commerce with Amazon so that the merchant can sell on Amazon and manage it through a single interface in Magento.

The client wanted to develop the site using Magento. He had issues with his usual hosting company regarding compatibility with magento. We recommended a website hosting plan with a new hosting company taking care of the budget constraints of the client.

The website was to be developed using Magento. We designed the template for the website using Photoshop with the client's chosen color scheme. We provided multiple layout options, multiple revisions were done. We also designed the logo for the site.

We helped in the design & development of a website for a company which sells health & nutrition products. We designed a SEO friendly website complying with W3C standards & best practices.

The client had a newly published website. The website had 15 pages each in English and German. We handled the administration of the website, maintenance, optimization and security of the website. Periodic monitoring of the website was done to ensure that the website functioned as desired by the client.

We designed a website for project managers and executives who desire to network and exchange ideas online and through physical meetings faciliated by the website. We developed the website using PHP, HTML & MySql as the database. The website has separate member area, a forum for discussions, a wiki with video posting option for creating a knowledgebase, calendar / event management & a blogging section.

The client, a business coaching company, wanted to develop a template-driven website to provide easy accessibility to its members. A system was developed with in PHP in the server end, HTML for the front end and MySQL as the database. This template-driven website had a member login area, with access to subscribed resources. Provisions were made for each member to have a virtual website, wherein editing and updating of relevant documents was made possible. A high degree of flexibility was incorporated into the system for the process of sharing information by each member with other members & the public.

We designed and developed the website for an e-analysis facility created by the Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory. We are still maintaining their website.

We handle administration and maintenance of a website owned by a freelance content editor. In addition to assisting in website maintenance, we also designed and developed the website using PHP.

We handled the web design and development for a private detective agency. We developed an SEO friendly website conforming to W3C standards.

Designed, developed and maintainenance of three websites for a software products company. The websites were developed in Joomlaand integrated with WordPress for blogging and PHPBB for a support forum. We maintain the websites & provide ongoing support for the upkeep of the website & mail server, the database and also take care of enhancements and upgrades.

We designed, developed and maintain the website for a Master Coach. The website has a membership area for clients to log in and access the Coach's training & reference materials - text, audio and video. The website is built on a CMS so that the Coach can update the content as well as events & calendar.

A PHP script was created for generating CSV and ASCII files containing the details of all the orders and customers for the client's products obtained through his website. The client is able to download these files hosted on a website.

Website was developed using ASP and .Net for an online retailer dealing with nutrition supplements. The web designers of Inteleants redeveloped and redesigned the website and migrated the catalogs and customer data in Access database onto the new system-SQL server. As the business transactions were numerous, we built-in a comprehensive system to manage multi-country issues like currency, phone number, post codes etc. A number of Euro-related issues were also solved by the system developed by Inteleants. The client was very happy with our website development services

InteleANTS is maintaining the website for a photographers association. The website is developed with PHP and uses PHPBB for a forum & WordPress for blogging. The forum and the PHPBB forum & WordPress blog are integrated with a signle sign on. The site has dynamic flash objected rendered with flash scripting and several attractive features & functions with javaScript. The website is partly open to the public and has a private section for members to share knowledge, communicate and network.

We designed, developed and maintain the website for a business consultant. The website has been developed with WordPress.

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