Website Analytics helps you understand & improve the performance of your website & marketing programs by tracking, monitoring, analyzing & segmenting the visitors & their behavior. Analytics also helps in testing various aspects of your website content, promotions & campaigns to discover what clicks with your customers and also to identify problems with website content or production.

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Website Analytics

Website analytics helps you track & measure the performance of your marketing efforts, evaluate the effectiveness of the website content & promotions, identify problems in the website production & assess what clicks with your customers.  Website analytics is complex and involves large datasets with a high number of variables and small businesses often neglect analytics and miss out on a huge opportunity to improve their business overall.

InteleANTS helps small businesses with website analytics services to provide analysis & actionable insights on:

  • Traffic analysis - Source of traffic, cost of generation of traffic & the quality of the traffic measured by conversion to leads or sales
  • Content analysis - Which pages/content are getting the traffic & how they convert, which pages they exit from and potential reasons for exit without desirable action
  • Path analysis - the various paths that visitors take through the website
  • Bounce analysis - what campaigns, keywords have high bounce rates, possible reasons for such bounces and ways to optimize marketing spend by controlling bounce rates
  • Sales funnel & Cart abandonment analysis - profile the sales funnel and discover reasons for abandoning shopping cart
  • Product affinity analysis - analyze shopping carts and orders to identify product affinities to develop appropriate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Customer profiling & Segmentation to develop better communication strategies and to improve marketing campaigns
  • Multivariate analysis to test & identify the impact of different aspects of your website, promotions and campaigns

 We can help you right from the stage of setting up of Analytics software & provide ongoing support with website analytics. We have experience with Google Analytics, Omniture, Lyris HQ, HitBox and Piwik, an opensource analytics tool that can be hosted on your site.

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