The internet is now the most widely used medium of research & people check you out online and are greatly influenced by what they see on the web. So, you ought to know what is being said about you on the web. Our online PR services help you monitor the web mentions of you, understand their implications, take advantage of the positive mentions & deal with the negative reports or malicious campaigns.

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Web PR / Online PR Services

Have you tried searching your company's name and its reviews on Google? You will be surprised by the number of mentions that you find about your company.  The digital medium has emerged as the medium of choice for researching about anything & everything. People use the search engines, social networks and forums to find more about you, your company & your products and services. The content on the internet greatly influences their opinion about your company. Reputation of a brand, organization or individual online is vastly influenced by the quality and number of mentions on the World Wide Web.

We help small businesses manage their online reputation with appropriate online PR programs. Some of the activities that we do as part of our web PR services for small businesses are:

  • Increasing your online exposure by identifying opportunities and submitting relevant articles, white papers, press releases et al
  • We also find appropriate social media/forums & create a presence
  • Set up automated scans & alerts to monitor new mentions about your company, review the mentions and act appropriately
  • We collect and collate all mentions about your company and try to make the best use of the accolades, compliments & positive reviews. Negative reviews are communicated to you for corrective action and responses as may be required
  • Often there are malicious campaigns on the web and it is important not only to be aware of them but also deal with them appropriately so that the negative campaigns do not damage your business

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Web PR And Online PR

A business consultant wanted to enhance her online reputation. We studied all search results for the client's name online and also compared them with other consultants in the same location doing similar work. We developed a system to monitor all mentions of the client online and also help her to gain higher visibility through search engines.

An IT company which created a brand new software needed online marketing for its product. We took care of writing press releases and submitting to press release directories, submitting whitepapers about the software, distributing the product to software directories and so on.

The client had problems with malicious & wrongful activities of a competitor helped by a former employee which resulted in many negative posts online. We set up and monitoring system to track all mentions of the client online and also search engine results. With a multipronged approach we negated the malicious campaigns. We created many positive mentions online with the help of client's customers, contacted the websites, forums & blogs to remove the negative content, responded to forum posts with the truth as well as put our SEO techniques to good effect to make sure that the negative comments did not appear in the first two pages of the search engine results.

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