InteleANTS offers professional customer support services (non voice) to manage customer queries, order processing, invoicing, payment/ registration follow-ups, building customer relationship et al. We help you to provide customer service through e-mail, online ticketing systems, online forums, wiki & online chat systems.

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Customer Support - Non-Voice

Customers are increasingly more demanding and expect faster & better responses from you. With the increasing sales and customer relationship management activity online, it is important to focus more on online customer support.

InteleANTS offers non-voice web-based customer support services for small businesses, especially to businesses with a strong web presence to handle customer queries, order processing, tracking, invoicing, payment/ registration follow-ups et al.

Ongoing engagement with customers can be through various channels:

    • Email – Effective with queries or issues that may require time to respond
    • Online Ticketing System - to report technical, billing and other issues
    • Website (Forum / Bulletin board / Wiki) – Useful in handling technical or non-personal questions that which could benefit  a large section of the customer base and will reduce one-to-one support. This also accommodates the evolving nature of knowledge and allows the agents to keep updating solutions & discussion points
    • Chat system – An online chat system is ideal for queries that require impromptu response and interactive assistance, to help potential customers find the product they are looking for and explain the promotions.

We work with businesses in North America and Europe. Our agents have a good understanding of the normal businesses practices in USA, Canada and UK and well aware of the customer expectations.

We do not offer voice based support through a call center. However, we have a network of providers in India and Philippines and are happy to recommend one that may suit your requirement.

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We took care of writing Wiki type of articles to help customers find solutions to problems in ordering, tracking orders etc., apart from handling email queries.

We handled customer queries regarding order of gift articles, tracking orders, shipping etc. We used an online ticketing system to do this.

Inteleants provided customer support for a web hosting company through email support. We handle both technical and non-technical queries posted by customers. All the tickets opened by customers are reviewed by an agent and responded to within 12-24 hours. Where specialist intervention is required the ticket is routed to an appropriate person and in 98% of the cases, they are sorted out within 24 hours.

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