InteleANTS provides efficient, reliable & professional translation services in European & Asian Languages. We have a team of highly skilled & experienced translators who can translate any form of written material from/to English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil & Bengali. We also transcribe & translate digital audio & video recordings.

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Translation Services

Our panel of professional translators have years of experience in translation and possess advanced skills in English and one or more of several European and Asian languages  - German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Hindi, Bengali and Tamil. We only take up translation assignments which involve translation from or to English.

We translate all forms of written material - contracts, letters, books, articles, as well as transcribe and translate audio or video recordings where we deliver the transcripts of the recordings as well as the translated transcript or only the translation.

The content to be translated may be sent to us by post, courier or digitally transmitted via email or uploaded to our server.

Pricing vastly depends on the following factors.

  • The volume of material to be translated.
  • The nature of topic, if it is technical, creative, corporate or casual
  • The delivery schedule required; usually the turnaround depends on the volume of work, difficulty and availability of translators with the required skills, and our existing commitments.

 We take up all sizes of work, even if it is just a few paragraphs. No job is ever too small for InteleANTS

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Translation Services

Translation of an interview from French to English. We were provided an audio recording of around 40 minutes & were required to deliver a French transcript as well as its English translation. The translated interview was edited to make it gramatically correct, with care taken to keep it meaningful and true to the original French version.

A 200-page word document in German was translated into English with the help of professional translators well versed in both the languages.

The client is a manufacturer of with factories in several countries. They wanted several product & operations manuals translated from Spanish and Italian to English. We translated a total of 1200+ pages of text from Spanish to English and around 300 pages from Italian to English.

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