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The Team

Our professionals come from vastly varied backgrounds and have skills in diverse areas & business functions to support a wide range of service requirements. Our team is led by Eshwar who has over 20 years' experience in Management Consulting, Strategic Planning, IT Strategy and Systems Development. He has the merit of working with companies in varied domains & industries - Automotive, Banking, Chemical, Engineering, Information Technology and Internet Retailing.

Team InteleANTS is a mix of professionals with cross-functional experience in marketing & sales, operations management, software development, accounting, data analysis, financial modeling, writing & editing, administration & secretarial functions.

Besides our team of full-time employees, we have empanelled freelance and part-time professionals with specialized skills who are available on call. Depending on the needs of your project, we will deploy staff with appropriate skills and expertise to execute the assignment to your complete satisfaction.

InteleANTS also works with service providers with specialized skills in many niche areas.

All our professionals are well-versed in English and are very comfortable with computers & internet and are abreast of the latest trends in tools & technologies in their respective fields.

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