Pay per Click yields quick results & looks simple but is not. Search Engine Marketing has many variables, is complex & takes sophisticated management to succeed. Best results are achieved by innovative campaign structures & keyword discovery, advanced bid management, sophisticated ad scheduling & geographic targeting supported by extensive data analysis & testing.

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Search Engine Marketing / PPC Management

InteleANTs’ Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services focuses on bringing high quality, relevant traffic to your websites through pay-per click advertising, paid placement, paid inclusion and contextual advertising.

InteleANTs currently manages Pay-per Click (PPC) campaigns on Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Bing. We manage ad budgets ranging from $50 per day to $3000 per day. Our services are tailored to meet individual client goals. The objective may be lead generation, increasing visits to the website, or sales conversions which most internet retailers want. Our SEM services cover both search network and content network via text or image advertisements.

The scope of our services includes:

  1. Understanding your goals, products & services and goals to develop the campaign strategy,
  2. Keyword research and selection
  3. Developing the bidding strategy
  4. Creation of the text & image advertisements
  5. Landing page selection appropriate for each keyword
  6. Geographic segmentation and analysis to perform efficient geographic targeting & ad scheduling

We run sophisticated PPC advertisement campaigns with the help of advanced analytics, continuous testing & evaluation and innovative campaign design.

For internet retailers we have developed tools to integrate their PPC campaigns with their back-end systems to develop an automated inventory driven advertising system. If you sell online, you want your ad spend to convert to sales; you don't want to spend on traffic that has limited chance of converting to sales. So our system controls the advertising to match the availability of products in line with their sales velocity and profitability.

We continuously monitor performance of the campaigns through testing (including multivariate testing) to improve the performance.

We closely interact with clients to help with supporting all their promotional activities & design specific campaigns for the promotions, events & festivals.

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Search Engine Marketing

The client retails a wide range of gourmet food products. We manage their online advertising campaigns in Google, Bing and Facebook.

Setting up & managing the Pay-per-click campaigns in Google, Yahoo & Adcenter for a top US baby products etailer. The ad spend ranged from $1200 to $2000 per day depending on season & promotions.

We are managing the pay-per click campaigns on Google, Yahoo & Bing for this website whose ad budget is around $1000 per day. We use a variety of keyword tools including Google's own adwords keyword  tool to determine the keywords which bring about profitable conversions.

Designed and structured the adwords campaigns for a niche etailer of fashion goods and accessories. We manage the campaigns on Google for the client.

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