Though your sophisticated CRM & Accounting systems help you track your sales cycle efficiently, accurate reporting of sales often requires human involvement - to post manual adjustments, do reconciliations, to analyze, interpret & present the sales performance reports in a format that can be understood & acted upon by users in different functions and levels.

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Sales Reporting

All organizations need to track adherence to sales plans. The key performance indicators as defined by the plan need to be monitored on an ongoing basis. With the availability of simple yet sophisticated CRM systems tracking sales from leads stage to closure & payment has become easier. However, complete automation of sales reports is still a distant dream.

Sales reporting demands the involvement of dedicated human resources with good understanding of the systems & processes, felicity with numbers, attention to detail and an ability to interpret & present the data in a form that is easy to understand for the users.

InteleANTs not only helps you set up and manage your CRM systems, we also help with ongoing as well as ad-hoc sales reports:

  • Log sales reports into computerized systems on a periodic basis – daily/weekly/monthly
  • Consolidate the daily/weekly call reports of sales executives and present the same in a comprehensive and simple-to-analyze format
  • Track sales against quotas
  • Monitor expenses against estimated budgets
  • Generate exception reports as and when there is a deviation from plan, to alert management
  • Compose weekly/monthly summary reports and presentations
  • Perform ad-hoc reports and analysis

We can work with any CRM, Accounting or Enterprise system that you may have. Most clients prefer to have analysis & reports in Microsoft Excel and we are adept at it. We are also comfortable with MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL and Google Docs.

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Sales Reporting

The sales department of a travel company which had a distributed sales team needed help in tracking & reporting their sales. We created a comprehensive, easy-to-use system to not just track the daily, weekly & monthly sales but also set up predictive alerts based on statistical techniques. We manage & maintain the system and provide periodic and ad hoc reports to the VP of Sales & Sales Managers

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