We offer a range of recruitment support & backoffice services to small businesses & recruitment/staffing companies including sourcing CVs from job boards, searching internal database, posting jobs in portals & social networks, screening applications, handling responses, administering online tests & maintaining the resume database.

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Recruitment Support Services

Irrespective of size, nature of business and domain, every business needs to recruit. However recruitment activities in most organizations are irregular and often sporadic. The recruitment needs of smaller businesses are infrequent and may not justify investment in a dedicated resource. As recruitment is highly transaction-oriented and involves several routine processes that cannot be automated it necessarily needs human intervention.

InteleANTS helps small businesses with recruitment services:

  • Sourcing CVs from job boards, social networks and internal database
  • Posting ads on Jobsites that you subscribe to as well as posting jobs on Craigs List, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups and other free sites
  • Reviewing the applications and evaluating the candidates suitability to the positions
  • Pre-screening and gathering further information by interacting with potential candidates via email
  • Administering online aptitude tests, psychometric tests and technical tests as applicable
  • Logging CVs into database
  • Formatting CVs to meet in-house / prescribed format

InteleANTS also supports staffing companies with recruitment support services. We work with recruitment companies in North America and UK playing the role of the back office for recruitment operations supporting the recruiter with sourcing CVs from online portals to which they subscribe, posting requirements in several online forum, publicize the requirements to generate greater interest.

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Recruitment Support Services

We do ongoing job posting for several companies on Craigs List. We get job listings from the clients and based on the location of the job, we identify the correct Craigs List location and post the jobs. Client specified tracking URLs are generated and included in the post.

A US based company was looking for candidates in US for in a niche technical area. We used the web to good advantage and with a thorough internet research we deviced a process to reach out to candidates with experience in the niche area. Our methods included advertising on online job portals, forums & social network groups frequented by potential candidates.

Our client is a New England staffing company with 2 offices. We support the client's team with sourcing CVs from Dice.com & Monster.com using the client's account. At the end of each day, the client manager sends us job requirements and priorities; we screen CVs from the job sites and contact candidates matching the profile via email and the responses are handled from there on by the client. Often we supplement the effort with posting jobs on free sites and searching some niche free job portals.

The client is a provides IT staffing servies specializing in ERP (SAP, Oracle Applications) & Datawarehousing services and has a team of over 70 consultants in USA & Canada. We support their hiring function by sourcing candidates through online portals, social networks and technical forums. We also maintain their structured database of professionals which is accessed whenever new hiring is required.

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