We offer small businesses an array of general business support services with an experienced team skilled in general administration & secretarial functions, accounting, internet research, recruitment, translation audio transcription, typing and data entry. Our services are flexible and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

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Administrative & General Support Services

Our general business support services provide end-to-end solutions for your administrative activities, data management, and secretarial work, so that you can concentrate on your core business. Our skilled team is backed by robust processes & systems developed & honed by years of experiences to meet your goals in terms of quality, time & cost. We provide services for projects of all sizes ranging from a few hours to many years of efforts as well as on-going, continuous engagements. 

Clerical Support & Administrative Assistance
Our clerical support team is ably equipped to take care of all your routine administrative tasks, compose documents and presentations for your meetings, plan your travel, verify documents, manage your calendar, and maintain your electronic records and emails.

Recruitment Support
We offer customized resume sourcing from job-sites and internal database, posting jobs on job boards, portals & social networks, pre- screening the candidates by gathering information via mail, conducting online aptitude tests and psychometric tests.

Audio Transcription
We have experienced transcribers who convert audio files into readable transcripts formatted to your specifications. Every day, we transcribe audio recordings for clients mainly in North America, UK & Australia.

Business Forms
We design business forms and customize them according to your specifications in MS Word, PDF, Excel & HTML.  We specialize in developing database integrated forms.

Typing & Data Entry
Our data-entry team can handle large volumes of data-entry, data conversion, word processing, data transcription, data tabulation, and capture and enter PDF files, images and data from internet to create documents or build your database.

Our translators are proficient in both European and Asian languages and can translate contracts, letters, books, and articles to English and between languages with English as the link language.

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The client gave us a series of short WAV & DVF files describing how to coach hitting in the sport of baseball. Each audio files were approximately 15 minutes in length. Our transcription service team completed the audio transcription quickly and employed 2 well-experienced editors to check the transcripts to eliminate any errors.

The requirement was to research sources and pull out a list of websites pertaining to a business category, especially in countries across South America and Mainland Europe. Using query searches, details pertaining to mailing addresses, phone numbers were to be extracted from the websites onto spreadsheets. Inteleants researched businesses across 26 nations and a mixed data extraction model including manual and automated data mining was utilized to withdraw the huge volume of data. On consolidation, duplicate records were eliminated by sorting and the end result was a database with 140,000 records.

We created a professional-looking training registration/plan excel form for a training institute. The excel 2007 form was easy to read and fill in. The users could fill the form online which was then printable for authorized signature. The business form was developed in Microsoft Excel 2007 & Excel 2003.

We do ongoing job posting for several companies on Craigs List. We get job listings from the clients and based on the location of the job, we identify the correct Craigs List location and post the jobs. Client specified tracking URLs are generated and included in the post.

InteleANTS transcription services team transcribes 4 to 6 hours of audio every month for a sales trainer. The client conducts webinars, classroom sessions and coaching classes, all of which is being transcribed by us on a continuous basis. All transcribed files are checked for quality and appropriately formatted.

The client is a provides IT staffing servies specializing in ERP (SAP, Oracle Applications) & Datawarehousing services and has a team of over 70 consultants in USA & Canada. We support their hiring function by sourcing candidates through online portals, social networks and technical forums. We also maintain their structured database of professionals which is accessed whenever new hiring is required.

The Client had two phone call recordings in WAV format. There were many low volume areas, whispering, static and multiple voices. We had done an accurate audio transcription of the phone call recordings and delivered them to the client very quickly. Our transcription services team had done multiple checks to eliminate any errors.

Translation of an interview from French to English. We were provided an audio recording of around 40 minutes & were required to deliver a French transcript as well as its English translation. The translated interview was edited to make it gramatically correct, with care taken to keep it meaningful and true to the original French version.

We recreated a brochure for a client with extremely attractive formatting, and well organized information that is easy to follow. Each section of the brochure has a clear message in text and visual images.

A new start-up business selling specialized sports equipment & fitness training products required custom business forms to be created for booking orders, checklist for packing, shipping and invoicing. We created 12 printable business forms to cater to the specific requirements of the client. All forms were designed to maintain consistency and were designed in PDF format.

We designed a set of business forms in MS Word and HTML for the client. The client used the business form as a template and redeployed it on several websites with minor modifications.

Client had manually filled forms with text and numbers scanned as PDF. They wanted to converted the entire repository of PDF to searchable database in MS Excel. The deadline was tight and we completed the project in 3 weeks  as agreed and achieved 99.98% accuracy with text and 100% accuracy with numbers.
We did an online research for four consulting firms to identify Industry focus, Service Offering focus, Client size focus, Geographic focus & staff Size. We did a thorough internet research and obtained these information only from authentic sources.

There was a video of therapy session with 1 therapist and 2 clients. The video was in AVI format. We had to transcribe video to text with the name of the speaker paired with each time they spoke. The speech transcription was edited to eliminate redundant words and other words used in conversations. Various other quality checking exercises were done to submit a high quality transcript of the video.

Our client is a New England staffing company with 2 offices. We support the client's team with sourcing CVs from Dice.com & Monster.com using the client's account. At the end of each day, the client manager sends us job requirements and priorities; we screen CVs from the job sites and contact candidates matching the profile via email and the responses are handled from there on by the client. Often we supplement the effort with posting jobs on free sites and searching some niche free job portals.

A research for online teaching tools and resources was conducted for a client. The result of the research included various useful teaching resources with specific types of lesson plans and details of how to apply them for specific teaching jobs. The research was performed with proper understanding of the US teaching industry.

InteleANTS(transcription service provider) completed an efficient and successful audio transcription of an interview with a defendant. The interview consisted of 2 interviewers and a defendant. The audio files were in MP3 and AIFF formats. We undertook the audio transcription service in an efficient manner and completed it successfully.

The client is a financial services company. We do ongoing internet research for them to locate potential clients and the data collected is directly entered into their Salesforce.com account. We add over 3000 records every month.

The client is a manufacturer of with factories in several countries. They wanted several product & operations manuals translated from Spanish and Italian to English. We translated a total of 1200+ pages of text from Spanish to English and around 300 pages from Italian to English.

The client wanted to develop a profile of Sales Training Market and Human Resource Training Markets dealing specifically with Multi-generational or Intergenerational communication training. We did a thorough online research and compiled list of top companies providing sales training and human resource training along with the details such as training mode, length of courses offered, CEUs offered, core offerings and standard pricing for each training company.

We completed audio transcription of four lectures about Country and Western music. There were proper names of singers in the lectures. It had many technical terms relating to music. The audio format was OGG. We spent time understanding important musical terms and then completed the audio transcription process successfully.

The client has a job portal focusing on the employment opportunities with non-governmental organizations in the development sector. We post 30 to 50 new jobs every day. We also edit and manage the posted jobs.
Research was required to acquire sources relating to hot career opportunities for the next 5 to 10 years and on student finance topics such as budgeting, financial aid, college jobs, etc, for a target audience consisting of American college students. We did a through research on job boards and interviewed recruiters to get a clearer picture on the subject. After the background research, many online and offline sources were identified, evaluated and compiled.

The audio file had one Leader speaking into a group of 150 students in a closed room. The leader and the students speak into a microphone. The audio file was provided to us in AAC format. We managed to transcribe audio file with the help of 2-3 transcribers and used a senior editor to do grammar checks and other quality checks.

The client wanted a list of companies involved in contemporary circus. A thorough research was conducted on the internet and a comprehensive list of contemporary circus companies was compiled along with the complete details pertaining to each company. We even verified the authenticity of the sources to obtain only factual information about the companies.
The client wanted lists of British Song Billboard Chart data to be typed into MS Excel Spreadsheet. This was completed very quickly with 100% accuracy.

A US based company was looking for candidates in US for in a niche technical area. We used the web to good advantage and with a thorough internet research we deviced a process to reach out to candidates with experience in the niche area. Our methods included advertising on online job portals, forums & social network groups frequented by potential candidates.

A comprehensive national realtor database was to be developed and details of company name, address, phone, fax, email were to be included in Outlook. By querying for ?real estate agents?, a mailing list of the realtor database from superpages was developed and data was extracted to a database. We developed a methodology for confronting the issues of Superpages.com hiding the phone and email id, and in instances of not having the required details a thorough research was done to acquire details.

The business coaching company conducts on-to-one coaching sessions, classroom session, lectures and seminars. Periodicaly, they also have group discussions & conferences which are recorded. All these sessions are taped in audio & video files and we transcribe 12 to 15 hours of audio & video every month. Since the client requires a very high quality of transcripts, the transcripts are checked by a senior editor to eliminate errors and edit conversational phrases.

The client was the HR and Administration department of a small business. The department had an office manager and an assistant. The requirement was to eliminate paper and launch a filing/paper management system to ensure a proper networking of activities within the office. Inteleants created a computerized cum manual system using Excel/VBA application. The manual system ensured systematic storage and numbering of files for easy reference in future. The storage and reference details were printed, which was later fed into systems, and MS Outlook was used by the executives to receive and view details and reminders.

The client sent us a word document which he wanted to be converted into PDF fillable form. We not only designed the business form, but also redesigned it for proper functionality with user-friendly features.

Client was interested in creating private label products specifically designed for online women communities. We did an internet research to identify potential customers and also identified the top level contacts in these companies.

A 200-page word document in German was translated into English with the help of professional translators well versed in both the languages.

We designed a business license and related business forms for a client using which he could type the information in the computer that can be printed out as well as saved as an electronic copy

The client had around 10 documents in word, that needed fields to be typed into easily, each time a contract was needed and then locked when they send the business form to their customers so that they can only sign and not change them.

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