Our Excel Programming team can meet all your Excel spreadsheet requirements from simple spreadsheets to complex Excel Application Programming with advanced formulas & functions - excel macros, data tables, charts, pivot tables, decision support systems, dashboards, statistical models, data scraping tools, excel forms, database linked spreadsheets & automated processing.

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Excel Programming & VBA Programming

Our team of Microsoft Excel programmers, who are power users of Excel, have developed spreadsheet solutions from simple Excel sheets with formulae to complex Excel applications with database integration & sophisticated coding in VBA.

  • Designing custom spreadsheets for daily business needs in business planning, accounting, operations management, sales order processing, invoicing, estimations and other such functions with simple to advanced Excel formulas and functions.
  • Database integrated Excel dashboards for Executives to review business performance.
  • Excel business plans, financial & business models with configurable variables that may be modified to analyze different scenarios.
  • Data organization - manipulation of large volumes of text format or unstructured data formats through complex excel formulas and text manipulation functions to construct structured databases.
  • Statistical Modeling to help make effective decisions based on standardized rules which auto generate reports & triggers alerts when new data is fed-in. These reports were designed to monitor trends and alert the management of abnormal variations, statistically established by the data.
  • Standardized spreadsheet templates for routine analysis and checks- A-B testing, Pivot tables, Data tables, Charts & Graphs, Sales forecasts, Cash flow projections.
  • Forecasting systems for prediction of sales, inventory, visitors etc using statistical prediction methods.
  • Data conversion into MS Excel  using automated tools & techniques to (all versions including Excel 97, MS Excel 2000, Excel 2002, Microsoft Excel 2003, MS Excel 2007) or any specified format from other application formats (old and new) including Microsoft Access, dBase, QuattroPro, Lotus 123, delimited text formats.
  • Powerful single interface solutions that can help combine functionalities across multiple office applications. For instance, writing excel macros that can process data stored in an excel file and email it in a specified format through MS Outlook or even automatically generate PowerPoint slides out of processed information.
  • Generating market intelligence reports from raw field data with visually enhanced reports with graphical representations in tables, charts and graphs.
  • Business forms in Excel for calculation intensive forms such as Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Project Estimates.
  • Automated data scraping from specific websites (like stock quotes) and generating alerts/action items.
  • Macro-driven form filling applications to post data from local database or spreadsheet to online forms.

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Excel Programming
Inteleants developed an interface in VBA for different formulations in the Excel spreadsheet. The client wanted an application to help people cross hurdles while getting a job and this required an excel-based tracker application. The following were to be included in the tracker: head-count of jobseekers along with required calculations and graph. The VBA data entry module provided access to the reports, charts and statistics sheets. Formulations were incorporated to calculate and record date, text manipulation, conditional sum and statistics. We designed the tracker system to generate the chart using VBA with data from the data-table and regenerate the Excel sheet by the VBA code on account of data updations.
We were required to combine data from various worksheets, populate and update pre-built charts automatically in an Excel spreadsheet. This required highly complex data-manipulations and consolidations, as the structure of each spreadsheet was different. The complexity was high as numbers were stored in text format and each spreadsheet had around 40,000 records. Text manipulation techniques of Excel were used to maintain consistency across all spreadsheets and consolidate data certain formulations. Inteleants designed Pivot Tables and Charts to extract and represent consolidated data.
We developed monthly performance reports for an organization using MS Excel which allowed their managers to see the most useful information in the shortest-possible reading time and see the key trends and relationships that drive their companies. We took advantage of the formatting and presentation capabilities of Microsoft Excel to generate easy-to-read and informative reports.
The client had approximately 24,000 contact records in a 4000 page word directory that needed to be converted into an excel database. It had a complex directory structure and we had to reproduce it. We completed the conversion very quickly while preserving most of the original formatting, structure and content.
The client had a website which offered foreclosure listings, auction tracking, management and analysis. We designed a custom spreadsheet that took imported data from the client's website, run calculations and store results. We had to use a combination of excel formulae together appropriately to get the calculations right and deliver accurate results.
The client gave us four files, three of which were input files and one of them was a template for the output file. The input files had one tab per zip code (united states) with various demographic data for that zip code. Every tab was exactly the same format. The output file included three tabs, one for each of the input files. We transformed data from the format in the input files to the corresponding tabs on the output file in columnar format. This was done accurately and swiftly.
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