We help you uncover the valuable insights hidden in your data by systematic quantitative & qualitative analysis to help with business planning & to improve operations efficiency. We help you with data analysis & reporting system (even setting it up from scratch) to exploit the value of internal data that you collect & the external market related data you acquire with accurate, timely & actionable insights.

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Data Analysis & Reporting

Every business has data which when collected, stored, cleaned, organized, consolidated, analyzed and interpreted by a trained mind yields valuable insights into the business which helps in making strategic business planning decisions & operations efficiency improvements. However, the volume, complexity and often unstructured nature of the data confound & overwhelm the small businesses who often miss out on discovering the wealth of insight that the data can reveal.

InteleANTS understands the problem of small businesses and helps with ongoing data analysis & reporting services. We help you setting up or improving your data collection & storage systems & help automate the cleansing and collating of the data to improve the overall quality of the data to enable efficient analysis & interpretation.

We have experience with data analysis for manufacturing, services & retail companies (brick & mortar as well as online retailers) with analysis of operations - manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, customer services in terms of productivity, cycle time, turnaround, cost of production to measure past performance, compare current performance to past performance, benchmarks, variance from norm and other such metrics.

  • Routine reporting to track performance
  • Trend analysis & Forecasting 
  • Create alerts to identify potential problems and opportunities in advance using predictive statistical methods

We use appropriate statistical methodologies for data analysis modeling:

  • Summarization & Visualization of data
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  • Time series analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Correlation analysis
  • Multivariate analysis

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Data Analysis And Reporting
The client required a list of comprehensive summary of car insurance quotes for the 10 most popular car models in the USA, UK, Germany, Australia and Canada. The quotes can be got from 15 major insurance companies, which were analyzed by Inteleants to develop a uniform evaluation system. Inquiries got from queries structured by Inteleants are to made available online and this was done with the services provided by the insurers. Inquiries were stored in an Excel sheet for quick retrieval of data.
The client wanted to reduce shipping costs by optimizing the sizes of boxes in which the articles are packed and shipped. The analysis of packing slips for 6 months data was done in conjunction with the zone-wise shipping patterns. The distribution pattern was simulated for various configurations and the packing efficiencies evaluated. On completion of the analysis, Inteleants provided an optimum box sizes for packing to minimize on shipping costs and also inventory of packing materials.
The client ships products to all states in the US and Canada. They use USPS and two other leading freight companies. They wanted to review the shipping pattern and develop a model to predict freight costs. The model was used to evaluate the impact on overall cost for several parameters. The optimization model helped us develop a best case scenario to negotiate freight contracts with shipping companies.
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