We provide professional virtual assistance with secretarial, accounting & internet research skills - MS Office, email screening, organizing presentations, managing mailing lists, contracts, contact database, calendars & appointments, general accounting, invoicing & follow up et al. Our VAs have specialized skills in internet research to handle online research & data collection projects.

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Clerical Support / Office Assistants

Senior executives, entrepreneurs, consultants and many other professionals require regular clerical/office assistance.  We understand that not everyone wants to or needs to hire a full-time, dedicated assistant. InteleANTS can handle the mundane, every-day tasks to your complete satisfaction with very little involvement from you. All you need to do is send a simple email brief or make a quick call or leave a voice mail on your dedicated voice mail box and leave the rest to us.

All our resources are proficient in English, have good knowledge in MS Office and other document/presentation tools, have advanced internet research skills, possess basic understanding of HTML, & a general appreciation of web technologies. And when they do not know something that you want, they have access to our internal training resources as well as have advanced internet research skills to find a solution. Your dedicated Virtual Assistant in InteleANTs can deliver myriad services:

Secretarial Services:

  • Composing document and presentations for your meetings, speeches or seminars including the background research required to prepare the same saving you precious time.
  • Mailing-list and Contact-database management
  • Managing appointments and calendar
  • Travel planning and coordination
  • Contracts management, document verification and fact checking
  • Information collation and maintaining electronic records and databases
  • Finding good sources for all your business needs from business cards, office supplies to web hosting services

Accounting Assistance Services:

  • Maintaining daily accounts, payroll processing, book-keeping and accounting, billing and collection, invoicing and other such records.
  • Working knowledge of account keeping software and applications such as QuickBooks or PeachTree, Sage or MS Money.
  • We can maintain accounts in our computers and periodically send the consolidated statements.
  • If you prefer, we can also login to your systems using VPN or third party remote access systems like PCAnywhere, GoToMyPC, LogMeIn or TeamViewer.

Internet Research:

We have an experienced, internet-savvy team assisting our clients in internet research. Our home-grown research methodologies – RACE and REACT help us deliver superior results consistently.

  • RACE (Research, Analyze, Collate and Evaluate) is employed for one-time research.
  • REACT (Research, Examine, Analyze, Conclude and Track), is used during ongoing and continuous tracking.  This comes in handy to develop business strategies and tactical initiatives.

These methodologies have been put to test and established in delivering ongoing research & data collection for our Online PR Services & Catalog Management Services.

We support over a hundred clients with clerical assistance and virtual administrative & accounting support services. Typical clients are small & micro business owners, self-employed professionals, business consultants, & senior executives in medium & large companies.

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Clerical Support and Office Assistance
A research for online teaching tools and resources was conducted for a client. The result of the research included various useful teaching resources with specific types of lesson plans and details of how to apply them for specific teaching jobs. The research was performed with proper understanding of the US teaching industry.
The client was the HR and Administration department of a small business. The department had an office manager and an assistant. The requirement was to eliminate paper and launch a filing/paper management system to ensure a proper networking of activities within the office. Inteleants created a computerized cum manual system using Excel/VBA application. The manual system ensured systematic storage and numbering of files for easy reference in future. The storage and reference details were printed, which was later fed into systems, and MS Outlook was used by the executives to receive and view details and reminders.
We did an online research for four consulting firms to identify Industry focus, Service Offering focus, Client size focus, Geographic focus & staff Size. We did a thorough internet research and obtained these information only from authentic sources.
Client was interested in creating private label products specifically designed for online women communities. We did an internet research to identify potential customers and also identified the top level contacts in these companies.
The requirement was to research sources and pull out a list of websites pertaining to a business category, especially in countries across South America and Mainland Europe. Using query searches, details pertaining to mailing addresses, phone numbers were to be extracted from the websites onto spreadsheets. Inteleants researched businesses across 26 nations and a mixed data extraction model including manual and automated data mining was utilized to withdraw the huge volume of data. On consolidation, duplicate records were eliminated by sorting and the end result was a database with 140,000 records.
A comprehensive national realtor database was to be developed and details of company name, address, phone, fax, email were to be included in Outlook. By querying for ?real estate agents?, a mailing list of the realtor database from superpages was developed and data was extracted to a database. We developed a methodology for confronting the issues of Superpages.com hiding the phone and email id, and in instances of not having the required details a thorough research was done to acquire details.
The client wanted a list of companies involved in contemporary circus. A thorough research was conducted on the internet and a comprehensive list of contemporary circus companies was compiled along with the complete details pertaining to each company. We even verified the authenticity of the sources to obtain only factual information about the companies.
We recreated a brochure for a client with extremely attractive formatting, and well organized information that is easy to follow. Each section of the brochure has a clear message in text and visual images.
Research was required to acquire sources relating to hot career opportunities for the next 5 to 10 years and on student finance topics such as budgeting, financial aid, college jobs, etc, for a target audience consisting of American college students. We did a through research on job boards and interviewed recruiters to get a clearer picture on the subject. After the background research, many online and offline sources were identified, evaluated and compiled.
The client wanted to develop a profile of Sales Training Market and Human Resource Training Markets dealing specifically with Multi-generational or Intergenerational communication training. We did a thorough online research and compiled list of top companies providing sales training and human resource training along with the details such as training mode, length of courses offered, CEUs offered, core offerings and standard pricing for each training company.
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