Product database management services to keep your product catalog current, accurate & rich with information. We build catalogs for internet retailers from manufacturer's catalogs, ensure accuracy, categorized products, identify & mark related products for up-selling & make sure that essential data customers require to make buying decisions are available in the content.

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Product Database / Catalog Management

To sell online effectively & efficiently you need to have a comprehensive product database, rich with information and accurate to the last detail.

But, maintenance of the product catalog is never easy as manufacturers discontinue products, add and drop product variants, change part numbers, release new images ever so often. It is indeed a challenge to maintain the product catalog.

InteleANTs can help you keep with this. We take on the task of keeping your product catalog current as well as maintain it efficiently so that the website, the product feeds and all links to external sources and service providers work without a hitch:

  • Build and maintain your product catalog on the basis of the manufacturer’s catalog and other online sources
  • Facilitate integration with manufacturer's systems as well as third party services such as site search, review sites, shopping comparison engines, online marketplaces by ensuring that all data elements required are available and accurate
  • Ensure accuracy of product data such as model numbers, Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), image, dimensions, weights and packing information
  • Handle revisions to manufacturer SKU, replacement SKUs, related SKUs
  • Classify the products correctly into appropriate category structures, identify and map related products
  • Update the product database to make the information content richer and more relevant to buyers

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Catalog Management

Collect data from manufacturer's catalogs and rewrite them in the client's format and update the database through administration module. The project also required scanning, resizing and uploading images.

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