Dashboards are an effective tool for small business owners/executives to monitor the performance of all areas of the business. Dashboards can be built for the overall business or for specific functions like marketing & sales or operations. We have the experience of creating dashboards in Excel & HTML with integration to databases (MS SQL, MySQL, Access).

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Dashboards: Analysis & Monitoring

You depend on fact-based, real-time analysis for continuous monitoring and management of the performance of all functions & channels of your business. Dashboards have proven to be an effective management information system tool and can be shared among key personnel from the various departments to enable consistent access to accurate information.

Dashboards help you to monitor the performance of all areas of your business at different levels with strong visual cues with options to drill down to details. Dashboards present complex data and transactions in visually creative ways that enable easier comprehension of performance in multiple units/ functions with a single glimpse. And these may be extrapolated further to extract patterns and predictive trends that can enable intelligent decision-making.

Dashboards are vastly superior to standard reports with significant advantages being:

  • Visual presentation of business performance
  • Ability to drill down to details to analyze reasons for performance changes
  • Generate reports on the fly & save time
  • Provides high level overview of all areas instantly

InteleANTs helps create dashboards that integrate with most popular databases and can be configured to do basic to complex level of analytics & review. These dashboards may accommodate any number of drill-downs based on your specific requirements.  We create both stand-alone software application dashboards as well as browser based or Excel based dashboards.

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We developed Microsoft Excel dashboards for the sales reporting of a leading mobile handset seller. The dashboard pulls data from the database and presents visual representations of all the key sales performance indicators.

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