We help small businesses sell on Amazon - mapping the products to Amazon's structure, adding products to Amazon, creating product, inventory & shipping feeds for automation, buy box analysis, seller performance monitoring, customer feedback review & response and optimizing the Amazon listings to meet your sales & profit goals.

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Amazon Stores for Small Business

Amazon.com is the largest online market place. It has grown to become almost synonymous with ‘buying online’. From books to boots, there is no product on the World Wide Web that does not have a presence here. And so understandably, no retailer can ignore this channel.

Adding one’s products to Amazon and managing the listings is simple and it continues to get better all the time with Amazon continuing to improve. While it is easy to list on Amazon, making sales on Amazon requires significant effort and sophistication. InteleANTs offers you the services to succeed on Amazon:

  • Analyze your product catalog and map your products to Amazon taxonomy and set up the Amazon store or create the Amazon listings
  • Automate feeds generation and submission
  • Develop algorithms to automatically match products description with Amazon catalog
  • Optimize Amazon feeds to maximize exposure and sales on Amazon
  • Analyze the products’ performance on Amazon - buy box, views & sales
  • Manages product, inventory & shipping feeds
  • Tweak the product feeds to improve sales
  • Review customer feedback and classify feedback for appropriate responses & action

Are you listing on Amazon and want to improve your performance? Even if you have a website where you sell directly to consumers, you may want to check out Amazon. We can help you with selling on Amazon.

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Amazon Store

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